About Sutra Meister

  • Sutra Meister

    Sutra Meister is how one refers to a professional in the art of Japanese bookbinding.
    This term dates back to the year 710AD when Japan was at the height of a national effort to transcribe handwritten copies of the sutras. These transcribers were known as Sutra Meisters (KYOJI).
    As time passed, the work of the sutra meisters evolved from transcribing sutras to creating books of sutras.
    Eventually, the work of the sutra meisters expanded beyond sutra books to include bookbinding for books of all genres, their work further evolving to form an entire industry.
    Today, there are only a few companies in Japan that still claim to be sutra meisters.
    At Ooiri, as sutra meisters we proudly carry on this name, traditions, and work.

Ooiri Co., Ltd.

  • company of sutra meisters

    Ooiri Co., Ltd. is a company of sutra meisters, which is rare even for Japan.
    As experts in the field of bookbinding, sutra masters cultivated various techniques and knowledge. We pride ourselves on fully inheriting those skills and experience, and on our ability to all types of bookbinding work expected of traditional sutra meisters.
    (In Japan, no other company can boast having all the abilities of a sutra meister.)
    We also take pride in applying our skills and knowledge as sutra meisters towards developing various businesses.
    We provide various types of high quality products and services, including manufacturing, repairs, and preservation.


  • Manufacturing

    In addition to Japanese bookbinding, we also have established methods* for creating all kinds of traditional Japanese crafts.
    You can trust in our ability to manufacture nearly any type of traditional arts and crafts.
    *(Including outsourcing and coordination with trusted partner craftsmen.)

  • Manufacturing

    One of our particularly unique traits is our ability to apply our traditional manufacturing techniques and knowledge with modern concepts to create the products our customers desire and complete customer plans at the highest level of quality.

    By choosing Ooiri, you are gaining access to all of Japan’s traditional craftsmanship and quality.

Repairs and preservation

  • Repairs and preservationRepairs and preservation
  • At Ooiri, one of the core businesses we have developed over the years is our repairs and preservation business.
    As sutra meisters, we applied our cumulative years of knowledge and traditional craftsmanship not only in the manufacturing sector, but also towards our repairs and conservation business.
    We are confident that the repair services we provide, which are based on methods rooted in traditional Japanese techniques and knowledge, represent the highest level of quality.
    In fact, we provide repair and conservation services to major university libraries, archives, and museums throughout Japan.

  • Repairs and preservation Repairs and preservation

Repairing Japanese archives

  • Repairs

    Did you know that the maintenance of Japanese archives varies depending on each specific item?
    In some cases, failure to use the specified method for preservation can harm the archive you are attempting to preserve.
    You could even say that all Japanese archives are designed with the intent of being reused.
    In other words, with the proper methods it is possible to disassemble an archive, conduct maintenance and reinforcements to the required locations and then reassemble the archive for further use.
    This process returns the archive to proper strength for continued use.
    However, the wrong disassembly or reinforcement methods can ruin an archive.

    • before repair
    • after repair
    • before repair
    • after repair

If you are in possession of any Japanese archives, we highly recommend conducting maintenance in Japan based on proper methods.

Arranging Japanese traditional techniques and knowledge

  • Arranging Japanese traditional techniques and knowledge

    Our field of work is not limited to Japanese archives.
    We also have the ability to analyze and learn the structures of archives created using the formats of other countries, after which we skillfully apply Japanese techniques and knowledge to provide high-quality repair work.

    The scope of work we offer is not limited to deterioration from aging.
    We are also experts at servicing archives damaged due to accidents and natural disasters.
    In such cases, we first ensure an understanding of the archive material and structure before conducting repairs. At your request, we will employ every treatment available towards restoring an archive to its condition prior to being damaged.

Preservation tool proposals

  • Preservation tool proposals

    As sutra meisters, we also apply our methods and knowledge towards the development of tools such as preservation cases for books made from neutral paper.
    Additionally, we provide a wide range of products and services such as insect prevention and drying agents. As sutra meisters, we have cultivated a vast array of knowledge regarding the characteristics of various materials. Through this knowledge and experience, we provide expert project coordination and services.